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About Company

EURO-UKRPOST postal courier company express delivery of parcels on the territory of the European Union.

We have attracted maximum transport units to execute the orders of our clients. Our network is constantly growing, and the number of drop-off locations is actively increasing all over Europe.

The main service of our company is:

Fast and inexpensive delivery of your shipment

  • From hand to hand (door-to-door service)
  • Fromhands to the warehouse (door-to-warehouse service)

and vice versa

We also do online shipping
To deliver the parcels of our customers, EURO-UKRPOST LLC has attracted the best courier-specialists since it incurs full financial responsibility for the loss or untimely delivery of the shipment.

Our details

п/я 20, ул. Почтовая, 6
г. Черновцы, 58000, Украина
КОД ЕДРПОУ 41808901
+38 050 221 88 77

Mailbox 20, Poshtova str., 6
Chernivtsi, 58000, Ukraine
U.S.R. Register 41808901
+38 050 221 88 77

ul. Jana Pawla II, 3A
37-500 Jaroslaw, Polska
NIP PL 7922305361
Regon 382388927
+38 050 221 88 77

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to prevent fraudulent actions from the third parties EURO-UKRPOST provides an opportunity to check our employees. It only takes one minute. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.